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A heroic try by Laura Mejía Diosa

El rugby es su motor de vida. La pasión que disfruta desde los 15 años. Crédito: Fecorugby
El rugby es su motor de vida. La pasión que disfruta desde los 15 años. Crédito: Fecorugby

On September 9, 2022, Laura Mejía Diosa, entered into the history of world rugby after scoring an unforgettable try against the legendary Black Ferns, a dream and goal that was led by the coach Sebastián Mejía.

That day, due Camila Lopera's ingenious punt kick, Tucanes managed to overcome the New Zealand defensive line and reached the end zone, where the 22-years- old player found a way to score for the first time in a World Cup. South Africa was the scenario of the conquest.

"A lot of happiness, this was the team. It was built in that kick we all ran. It was the goal we had, to score a try against New Zealand. Thank you to our teammates as well as to all Colombia that is accompanying us", said the athlete from Copacabana, Antioquia.

The goal on the Blacks Ferns side was not a coincidence, it was a premonition that connected from the Youth Olympic Games in 2018, a tournament in which the national forward scored against the Oceania country and she said to La 10co that it will be one of the purposes in South Africa: 'It was a try from a penalty. Hopefully, it will also be fulfilled in this World Cup'.

La 10

Su rol en el campo es de delantera. Aquí en duelo ante las francesas. Crédito: Getty Images
Getty Images

Laura Mejía is one of the national team's leading players and she is recognized to represent her country in crucial rugby tests. The World Cup in South Africa was on top of the iceberg.

As their role wearing the number 10 on the field, she has led the national team winning historical games as the bronze medal that they got against Brazil at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, or the triumph against Argentina in which Colombia got the passage to their first World Cup in history.

Since she was 15 years old, Laura Mejía connected with the rugby world. A passion without limits. "That night it was raining too much, I really wanted to go to training but my mom would not let me go out. She had already warned me about playing rugby, but I loved it. So, I ran away from her that night," Mejía told to El Colombiano. The rebelliousness of childhood is reflected in every test or match that the number 10 of Tucanes faces. The goal will always be to score a world try.

Although Laura Mejia Diosa is one of the youngest players of the current generation, her experience makes her one of the leaders of the evolution of Women's Rugby in Colombia.


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